Convergnce serves marketing organisations by providing advice and services to improve their performance and efficacy.

Our Marketing Maturity framework transforms and enhances the people, processes, and technologies that underpin the marketing system of a firm.


A mature marketing organisation is better able to adapt to the challenges posed by the digital transformation of business and by disruptive innovation, while also gaining the ability to turn those challenges around, to its advantage.

Marketing Maturity enables the marketing organisation to operate with more agility, velocity, and precision than its competitors.

The Marketing Maturity Framework

Acceleration, Risk, Unification, and Technology


⦿ Acceleration - practicing marketing more effectively, with higher performance, and with more agility than any competitor;
⦿ Risk awareness - managing all the business risks relevant to the context and practice of the marketing function and the wider current business context, with an emphasis on privacy and security;
⦿ Unification - marketing that is organised under a single strategic intent which is executed to deliver superior experiences – regardless of it being expressed physically or digitally – throughout the customer lifecycle.
⦿ Technology-enabled - taking full advantage of an appropriate, secure, and fully integrated marketing technology stack.

You can find out more about each of the four aspects of Marketing Maturity by clicking on the corresponding icon, below.

Our marketing transformation services

Foundations, Maturity, and Innovation


We deliver our transformation services progressively, in three stages: Foundations, Maturity, and Innovation. In order to be effective, we will engage with a firm's marketing organisation, executive committee, and board, as required.

We will assess the firm to establish a maturity baseline, prioritise areas of action, and guide the transformation of the processes, the people, and the technologies that constitute and support its marketing function.

During the Foundation stage, we will prepare the firm for marketing maturity. In the Maturity stage we will help it to achieve a mature marketing system. Finally, in the Innovation stage we help it to maintain and evolve its mature marketing system all the while driving further innovation and refinements to it.


Convergnce is a security-wary and competitive-minded business consulting firm.


We are aware of our supply-chain confidentiality responsibilities. Therefore we follow very strict self-imposed security guidelines and carry on our activities in a security-wary fashion. In this way we protect the strategies, plans, and activities of our clients.

We make a point of never disclosing information about our clients, but for their industry.  Convergnce only works with one client per vertical industry at any given time. This exclusivity may be extended in time, by agreement.

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