Foresight. Strategy. Execution.

Convergnce brings rigour, diligence, and expertise to the formulation of digital strategies, to steering digital transformation, and to guiding digital projects that deliver value and drive competitive advantage.

Areas of Practice

Digital Strategy

Digital technology is transforming the world at unprecedented speed and scale. There are opportunities for creating huge value but also the risk of being disrupted. Firms have to figure out a new strategic intent and to execute it flawlessly, while still dealing with the complexities and perils of this context.

We will assist your firm with framing its digital aspirations, determining the right field of play and how to re-define it digitally, figuring out the capabilities and resources required, and ensuring the management in place can deliver them. We can also assist with remediating, pivoting, or helping to evolve a digital strategy that is missing its mark. 

Capabilities Development

Digital transformation is a complex and risky endeavour that needs a multidisciplinary and highly co-ordinated approach to problem solving and systems re-engineering. It can only be achieved when the staff of a firm possesses a diversity of skills and expertise.
We will assist in guiding the processes by which a firm's staff will acquire the capabilities it needs for success.


Digital transformation means radically changing the operations of an organisation in ways that are only possible because of the continuous advances of digital technology. It is not an IT project but a bold and radical transformation of the whole organisation and its operations. It requires mature change management and courageous leadership to see it though.

We will assist with translating the strategy into initiatives, circumventing barriers, determining the correct digital business models and operating blueprints, and with nurturing the talent and securing partnerships to see the transformation through.

OPERATIONs Transformation

Digital transformation leverages technology to make a firm more effective. This requires taking an approach that has to be organic yet bold and courageous to re-enginering the firm's processes and systems in order to transform its operations and performance.

We will assist in providing guidance and knowhow to the task of converting legacy processes into effective, user-centric ones, supported by digital technology. 

Digital Risk

Digital transformation generates value by obtaining, moving around, and processing information. However, some of this information is personal, private, and protected by laws. Potentially a liability. This risk needs to be managed by having proper privacy and cyber security practices and systems.

We will assist with conducting a high level review of the organisation's privacy and security policies and procedures, evaluating the flows of information along processes and the technology stack, auditing supply-chain risk, and with helping to select the technical experts who can overhaul the firm's privacy and cyber security systems.

TECHNOLOGy Appraisal

Every technological choice has to strike a balance between its pros and cons, subject to the constraint of having to play nicely with all of the other parts of the system, while contingent to a multitude of dependencies, and needing to be sustainably cost-effective.

We will assist with providing methodologies and knowhow to support the process of making the best technological choices, balancing efficiency, security, and adequacy.