Impactful advice at the crossroads of
Technology and Business

advice and bespoke services for firms facing the crossroads of technology and business

Convergnce can call upon twenty years of experience in the fields of business and information technology. We bring rigour, diligence, and expertise to business transformation projects and to initiatives that leverage digital technologies.


Areas of Practice

Digital Strategy

Digital technology is transforming the world of business at unprecedented speed. There are opportunities to benefit from and pitfalls to avoid. Firms have to figure out a whole new game plan and then to execute it, even as things keep changing at speed around them.
That is where we come in. We will help your firm to take in the whole transformation picture – the good, the bad, and the obscure – and then to develop solid strategies. Help it to adapt, to pivot, to evolve, and to thrive. A winning strategy.

Fostering Capabilities

Digital transformation is a complex and risky endeavour that needs a multidisciplinary and highly co-ordinated approach to problem solving and systems re-engineering. It can only be achieved when the staff of a firm possesses a diversity of skills and expertise.  
Our job is to guide the processes by which a firm's staff will acquire the capabilities it needs for success.


Businesses seek to embrace digital technologies in order to leverage the opportunities it provides while avoiding competitive risks.
However, transformative technological projects are truly difficult.
The risks associated to them are frequently underestimated, unaccounted for when planning, and can blindside a firm when executing its plans. Preparation and culture play a huge part in ensuring success.
Our job is to help your firm to be successful at transforming itself with technology.


Digital transformation leverages technology to make a firm more effective. This requires taking an approach that has to be organic yet bold and courageous to re-enginering the firm's processes and systems in order to transform its operations and performance. 
Our job is to provide support and knowhow to the task of converting legacy processes into effective, user-centric, workflows built correctly on digital technology. 


Digital transformation is driven by obtaining and processing information from customers, staff, and others. Some of this information is personal, private, and protected by laws. This potential liability needs proper information security practices, processes, and infrastructure to protect it.
Our job is to make a baseline evaluation of the state of privacy and cyber security in your firm, to advise in prioritising the initial corrective steps, and then to aid your firm in selecting the domain experts who will take your game to the next level.


Every technological choice has to strike a balance between its pros and cons, subject to the constraint of having to play nicely with all of the other parts of the system, while subject to a multitude of dependencies, and needing to be sustainably cost-effective.
Our job is to provide methodologies and knowhow to support the process of making the best technological choices, balancing efficiency, security, and adequacy.