Rigour. Diligence. Experience.

What we stand for In Our Practice


• We provide advice that is evidence based and supported by successful practice.
• We back it up with expertise that is relevant to a client's organisation and context. 
• We only advocate for any given technological pathway after having evaluated it in context. 


• We take care to understand the situation and context that a client organisation operates under.
• We work hard to incorporate the contributions of all stakeholders in a client organisation.
• We are committed to investing in maintaining our expertise in our areas of practice.


• We use design thinking to guide multi-disciplinary teams in tackling complexity across line-of-business boundaries and functions.
• We put great emphasis on the importance of having the senior leadership of the organisation sponsor and advocate the transformation initiative and protect the teams working on it.
• We use the People ▹ Process ▹ Technology operational model because it is effective and proven. 

What we know works best for transformation

People ▹ Process ▹ Technology

An effective path for success in transforming a business requires these three elements, in order of priority:
• the right mix of skilled, driven, empowered people, fully backed by senior leadership committed to seeing things through.
• the courage to look into every business process and to then tear down, re-design, and build anew the ones that need it. 
• the discipline to implement the newly minted processes using well architected, quality-coded, secure, private, and usable technology.

Design Thinking

We apply Nielsen Norman Group's insightful definition of Design Thinking, which operates on two levels:
• On a first level, it is an ideology: a hands-on, user-centred, approach to innovation.
• On a second level, it is a process: a systematic, step-by-step, framework to guide problem solving.
Additionally, Roger Martin's concepts about Design of Business inform the ways in which we assist our clients to put digital initiatives together.

The Agile Manifesto

"We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
• Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
• Working software over comprehensive documentation
• Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
• Responding to change over following a plan
That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more."

Piercing Ideas

Roger Martin  His work on Integrative Thinking, Design of Business, and Strategy informs our approach to consulting, problem solving, and strategy formulation.
Nielsen Norman Group  The research and thought leadership of NNGroup informs our work with regards to design thinking, service design, and usability.
• John Kotter  His work on change management feeds our understanding of how to facilitate the process of transformation.
• George Westerman, Claire Calméjane, Didier Bonnet, Patrick Ferraris, Andrew McAfee who lead the groundbreaking study “Digital Transformation: A Roadmap For Billion-Dollar Organisations” for the MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting and have since continued to contribute ideas and knowledge to this field.

Valuable Endeavours

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)  An independent international non-profit at the forefront of the development and dissemination of cyber security knowledge and tools.
Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ)  CISQ standards as the main reference for our advice regarding software quality and the risk inherent to IT applications.
ConnectSmart  Convergnce is a partner and promotes the objective of making New Zealand safe online.
CERT NZ  We support the mission and the excellent work being done by New Zealand's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).




Having joined the information technology industry a year before Google launched, Carlos has since been involved in projects that take advantage of technology to solve organisational challenges. As a competitive intelligence consultant for top global IT vendors, since 1999, he provided insights, advice, and strategic guidance throughout Latin America.

Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, HP, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Samsung, LG, Dell, Lexmark, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sun, Sybase, Siemens, NCR, Informix, TechData, Ingram Micro, Telefonica, Telmex, AT&T Latin America, and PWC have all been his clients.


Carlos has also undertaken national industry leadership roles, participated in business and government advisory boards, represented and advised his country at international negotiations, and has written about marketing, business, and information technology.


Currently he is interested in software development and architecture – with emphasis in code quality – change management, privacy, cyber security, and systems and software development operations (DevOps).