Impactful advice at the crossroads of
Technology and Business

advice and bespoke services for firms facing the crossroads of technology and business

Convergnce can call upon twenty years of experience in the fields of business and information technology across a multitude of disciplines

We approach our work with a laser-like focus on solving the problem at hand. With positive objectivity and disciplined professionalism we make possible a low-stress, high-achievement, exciting, problem-solving environment. It is in this environment where people can focus on the problem and make the most of the advice, know-how, training, tools, and methodologies that we make available to them. 


Areas of Practice

Business Strategy

Digital technology is transforming the world of business in a way previously unseen. To avoid missing opportunities and being left behind, firms have to figure out a whole new rulebook. That’s where we come in. We will help your firm to get the whole picture, to avoid getting blindsided by technological disruption, and to develop strategies to adapt, pivot, evolve, and thrive.

capabilities evolution

Digital transformation is a complex and risky endeavour that needs a multidisciplinary and highly co-ordinated approach to problem solving and systems re-engineering. It can only be achieved when a firm contains a variety of skills and expertise among the members of its staff.  Our job is to guide the evolution by which a firm's staff will acquire the capabilities it requires to be successful. 


Businesses must embrace digital technology in order to take advantage of the new opportunities.  Otherwise they risk being left behind by their competitors and clients. Unfortunately, firms commonly underestimate how hard technological projects truly are and fail. Our job is to help your firm to be successful at transforming itself with technology.

operations adjustment

Digital transformation is the use of technology to make a firm more effective. This means taking both an evolutionary and revolutionary approach to the way a firm operates with a view to re-enginerring its processes and systems. Our job is to provide support and knowhow to the task of converting legacy processes into user centric workflows built on digital technology. 


The security of the information that a firm holds has been the weakest link in business for the past forty years. We are now experiencing the inicial consequences of systemic insecurity and poor privacy practices worldwide. Regulators are moving to make very expensive examples out of careless firms. Our job is to help your firm to transform while avoiding these pitfalls.

technology appraisal

Every technological choice has to strike a balance between its pros and cons subject to the constraint of having to be able to play nicely with all of the other parts of the system and subject to a multitude of dependencies. Our job is to provide methodologies and knowhow to support the process of making the best technological choices.