Game Plan. Get ready. Game On.

We have the ability to assist your organisation across the whole range of digital technology initiatives such as formulating digital strategies, steering digital transformation, and seeing through other digitally enabled projects. 


Digital Strategy

Framing the winning aspiration

Determining the field of play

Figuring out how to re-define or change the field of play

Determining the digital capabilities required

Determining the management systems to put in place in order to ensure the capabilities

Capabilities Development

Assessing the baseline competencies of the staff against the digital strategy

Competencies gap analysis and remedial action

Enhancing the abilities of the leadership team

Uncovering and nurturing hidden talent

Growing competencies and acquiring talent

Digital Transformation

Translating strategy into initiatives

Auditing for barriers and inhibitors

Determining the digital business model

Deciding the correct digital operating blueprint

Securing digital talent and developing skills

Operations Transformation

Mapping critical and complementary processes or workflows with service blueprints

Assessing the baseline experience of the staff and customers

Identifying and eliminating operational choke points

Identifying and eliminating service friction and inconsistencies

Introducing process and workflow enablers

Digital Risk

Privacy policy audit and adjustment

Security policies and standards audit

Information flows and storage audit

Supply-chain risk analysis and contractual safeguards

Selection of the right cyber security partner for the long haul

Technology Appraisal

Mapping the technology stack and gap analysis against resourcing needs

Auditing the adequacy of providers, contracts, and agreements

Auditing for technological risk and potential liabilities

Determining technology requirements

Technology acquisition guidance